thinking about form—

how things encountered belong to forms, find their forms, define, renew and structure forms.

the forms I think about when I am in this space

are open cups, closed cups and spirals, which are at once both open and closed forms.

undulating and interlacing lines are spirals whose lines are irregularized, loosened; they release the momentum of spirals, but inhabit different regularity.

beholding is a consequential action: how many coils rotate off one axis, or spin off from a vortex outward on their separate planes/ counting up, attending, until one: the curve where energy deflates, loops into pattern.

how many involutions do we walk before a maze becomes a wilderness—or walks us through toward grace?

open cups fill up with motion, slide atop it: pulled by inner/outer curvatures in mated surface tensions; and enclosed cups of course, are waiting to burst open.

voids contained by energy are spirals; those sustained by mass are cups.