cloud walk

this is how we get across—

siouxzenbird's phone photo on a May day in 2015--perfectly overcast Colorado light for photos

 the days                                                                                   

when pink is a necessity

we meet for lunch and Susan’s taking pictures—


Shelf_cloud_over Rapid City South Dakota by unknown

cropped-sky-tract-matrix-narrow-crop-jpeg2.jpgStorm-at-Airport-by-Kevin-Phillips-Stephens Point City Times

people celebrate . . .


what we don’t understand—


Edie's Camp, Hopevale, Cooktown Laura Chillagoe Clews/trip And make harbors safe

for smallest, delicate and evanescent thoughts—


we offer rest to friends. hc4.12 2

our pictures travel back and forth

in boats of willow wands                                                                                         

as we prepare what we will gather, what we’ll weave

to get ourselves across.

 sarah's coracle


images: tree in front of Roma’s, Greeley, Colorado, photo: siouxzenbird; shelf cloud over Rapid City South Dakota, photographer unknown; Storm at Airport, Stevens Point City Times, photo: Kevin Phillips; Stone carving, New Grange, Ireland; Visnu Anantasayana, Balaju, Nepal;  Edie’s Camp, Hopevale, photo: Dorothy Clews; Christ Pantocrater; view from Heroncrest, photo: Carolyn Hearne; Sky-Tract Matrix detail and privet rose detail, tapestries, and darning rock by Margaret Sunday; Coracle by Sarah C. Swett and Henry C. Edwards, photo: Sheila C. Swett


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