it’s good to know

crawfordsville crinoidHPIM1676

  how gestures will repeat each other—

crinoid, uintacrinus Kansas chalk cretaceous                our spinal columns could have antecedents in the stems of crinoids.

deogarth temple of vishnu

how small things in the world add up—

denv Mus n,ssteps to the creek, Clews PropertyShaligram-Shila nepal

darning rock, Margaret Sunday, 2014 repeat.

detaiol, creek boundary, Clews propertyif form should have a tongue,

it would be motion.

images: crinoid fossils; shalligram-shila, Nepal; drawing on vellum paper, darning rock by Margaret Sunday; tree roots in the boundary creek, detail, and steps to the cabin, photos: Dorothy Clews

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