. . . the trees are way past their prime, the roots are water polished, it is the most
beautiful part of the creek, which just kisses our side boundary.

creek boundary, Clews property

I imagine the many years the creek has spent rising and falling with the season, carefully polishing the roots, moulding them, sculpting them, the tree growing around the rocks, the odd branches being washed down from upstream, creating a small dam which waters those roots for a longer period depending on the depth. Then the baking sun overhead in the summer creating cracks and splits. On the far side of the tree is a natural basin which is just above the high water mark – there is an orchid and several ferns. It is only when these trees reach this decrepit state, having been blasted by lightning, dropping limbs or being damaged by cyclones, that they achieve this beauty.

steps to the creek, Clews Property

… and the steps leading from the cabin …down to the creek. The
original owner …did a wonderful job with these. No shifting of
the blocks, and firm underfoot—


images and text sent by dorothy clews.

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