having many folds



Volume gathered writing, rolled, or scrolled; amplitude, capacity or fullness

volute spiral, whorl, scroll and roll, twist and turn

voluble turning easily on an axis, rotating, twining or twisting as a plant; fluent in speaking words

voluminous having great capacity; having fullness; having many coils, as a labyrinth; having many folds

David and Gay gray, Peachtree City, GA Nat Weather Service

Nasa, Von Karman vortex street, Selkirk island off Chilean coast

Vortex Street NASA image


involute intricate, complex; having the margins rolled inward; having whorls that obscure the axis or other volutions; the locus of a fixed point on a taut, inextensible string as it unwinds from a fixed plane curve; the locus of any point on a tangent line as it rolls but does not slide around a fixed curve

brain 1chinese stone carving #23342558derrimancrop

crinoid_plate_Denver museum of Nand S

images: cloud formations, Peachtree City, Georgia by David and Gay Gray and vortex street; model of human brain; Chinese stone carving; Celtic knotwork, Derriman; crinoid fossils

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